The wisdom of architecture 15.10.2016 – Posted in: Inspiration

In my work as an architecture critic and theory teacher, I have come across many ideas about architecture that have no relevance whatsoever in what I personally perceive and experience. On many occasions, such ideas seem to stem from addressing architecture from the perspective of philosophy, literature theory, social sciences, or from another similar extra-architectural discipline. The great architectural theory boom that we have witnessed to sweep over architecture since the 1980s has created some…

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grassroot level

Happy Monday from the grassroot level 03.10.2016 – Posted in: News

I’m celebrating the most beautiful autumn ever in my lifetime in Helsinki. And yes, I’m also celebrating one huge milestone in the development of our online architecture bookstore here at The shop is now live, and my team and I are all over the moon as we really like the look and feel of it. I hope you like it as well, and that we can together develop this into your number one, trustworthy…

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