"Balloons" by Shaun Fisher is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 2.0.

Vappu Special 17th April 2017 – Posted in: News

Vuoden paras kevätjuhla eli vappu on pian käsillä. Saimme käsiimme kolme vintage-Äpyä, hopi hopi kauppaan! Äpy 1989 eli Äpysillis on pakattu kätevään sillipurkkiin. Räpylä-Äpy 1991 on keräilyharvinaisuus: lehden mukana tulee hieno Räpylä Cityman 91. Upea Finnish Design Äpy 2007 mallia Ivana Helsinki on pakattu kauniiseen, pinkkiin kangaspussukkaan. Kaikki kolme ovat luonnollisesti alkuperäispakkauksissaan. For our international friends: Äpy is a Finnish humour magazine produced by the students (and ex-students and all sorts of affiliates) of the Helsinki University…

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Architect's pens

Pens, pens, architect’s pens 1st April 2017 – Posted in: News

Ask an architect about an architect’s pens and get lectured about precision and flow, thinness and blackness, price and durability. For someone who scribbles and dabbles notes and sketches for projects whenever in need, a pen is not just a pen, but a vehicle for thoughts and ideas. For those of you who are hard to please on the pen front, I am glad to give you four great alternatives that have just been updated…

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