Folio 07 Documents of NUS Architecture

Folio 07 Documents of NUS Architecture contains contributions by e.g. Mario Botta, Edward Ng, and Alexander Tzonis (National University of Singapore, 2007).


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Folio 07 Documents of NUS Architecture (National University of Singapore, 2007) has collected topical discourses around the creative diaspora at the face of global crisis. Contributions by Mario Botta, George Henderson, Anthony Hunt, Antonio Han Risianto, Steffen Lehmann, Edward Ng, Tay Khen Soon, and Alexander Tzonis. Folio is issued by National University of Singapore, Department of Architecture.

Is it still possible to embrace and explore the prowess bestowed upon us by the state-of-the-art in design technologies, and yet retain the poetics of the design process, and indulge in the pragmatics of place and time? The great thing about being in design school is that all these experiences are available for the picking, and that one could possibly go through a journey of self-exploration in the search for answers. This volume of Folio features the myriad of design work and approaches by students and faculty, and showcases precisely the products of such explorations. Folio is the document of these sojourners, who leave their journal entry in these pages, and indelible mark of their being and becoming, and who continue in their creative search to questions that they only know.
– Limin Hee, Editor, Folio 07 Documents of NUS Architecture (National University of Singapore, 2007), editorial

The text is English. The publication is richly illustrated with photographs, architectural drawings, renderings, and other visual material.

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 Anthony Hunt, Alexander Tzonis, Antonio Han Risianto, Edward Ng, George Henderson, Mario Botta, Steffen Lehmann, Tay Khen Soon


National University of Singapore

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