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Atelier Pro (ed. Egbert Koster, 010 Publishers, 2001) is a monograph of the Dutch architectural practice founded in 1976.


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Atelier Pro (ed. Egbert Koster, 010 Publishers, 2001) is a monograph of the architectural practice founded by Hans van Beek and Sjoerd Schamhart in The Hague in 1976. The office is best known for their empathic, comprehensive approach towards building and a distinctive, ‘quiet’ humility towards architecture. The book presents Atelier Pro’s portfolio with the accompaniment of eight in-depth essays. The authors are Hans Ibelings, Hans van Beek, Leon Their, Harm Tilman , Cees Boekraad, Egbert Koster and Olof Koekebakker.

Architects are often inclined to regard each task as unique. They frequently lack the gift to put their own input in perspective (…) In many building projects the urban design is below par. In Atelier Pro’s approach by contrast the planning context is uppermost: the context largely determines what you can and cannot do. Although the striving after architectural variety is in our blood, we always let the degree of variety depend on the urban context in question. In giving shape to a project moreover we seek to achieve coherence as well as diversity.
— Hans van Beek, Integration, diversity and coherence. In: Atelier Pro (ed. Egbert Koster, 010 Publishers, 2001)  p. 16-17.

The text is in English and Dutch. The book has been richly illustrated with photographs and architectural drawings.

The copy in stock is in very good condition. There is only some slight, almost invisible yellowing on the upper edges of the pages.

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