GA Houses 12

GA Houses 12 was published in October 1982 and it features a selection of contemporary housing designs by Robert A. M. Stern, David Sellers, George Kanalli, A Design Group, Urban Forms, Stanley Tigerman, Rob Krier and many others.


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GA Houses 12 was published in October 1982 and it features a selection of contemporary housing designs. The cover image is from the Residence in Llewellyn Park designed by Robert A. M. Stern.

The architects, besides Robert A. M. Stern,  include Norman Jaffe, Raymond Kappe, Peter Waldman, David Sellers, George Kanalli, Michael Pearce + Associates, Michael W. Folonis, David M. Cooper, A Design Group, Urban Forms, Stanley Tigerman and Rob Krier. The selection shows the variety of approaches towards form, materials and aesthetics in early 1980s architecture.

The GA Houses 12 issue also includes a typological analysis of porches and historical entrance design titled Elements of residence – House is as porches do written by Alice Wingwall.

The texts in GA (Global Architecture) publications are in Japanese and in English. The illustration consists mostly of high-quality architectural photographs both in black-and-white and colour as well as architectural drawings. Please feel free to visit the publisher’s website for the listing of all GA Houses issues.

The copy in stock is in good condition. The binding is fine and the pages are clean. There is only some minor shelf wear and some slight dirt stains on the covers and some slight yellowing on the edges of the pages.

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