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Acanthus 1990 : Paper – Architecture – Ruins

Acanthus 1990 is the international yearbook of the Museum of Finnish Architecture. The contents examine the Viipuri Library designed by Alvar Aalto.


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Acanthus 1990 is the first publication in the revised series of the international yearbooks of the Museum of Finnish Architecture. Marja-Riitta Norri, the then director of the Museum, writes about the Museum’s target to combine material on the recent history of architecture, general theory, current international themes and contemporary Finnish architecture.

The contents of the richly illustrated book have been divided into two: the first part examines the Viipuri Library designed by Alvar Aalto; the latter part presents three theoretical texts, one by Francesco Venezia, Italian architect, another by Alvaro Siza, the well-known Portuguese architect, and the third by Kaj Noschis, an environmental psychologist.

In Acanthus 1990 : Paper – Architecture – Ruins, the texts about the Viipuri Library, written by Simo Paavilainen, Kristiina Nivari and Sergei Kravchenko, study the 1927 competition entry, the building process and its various renovations. “Contemplations on Architecture” by Francesco Venezia discusses the aspects of architectural drawing and his experiences of the use of stone in architecture.  Alvaro Siza’s short article “From Drawing Board to the Building” presents scale model photos and drawings of his project for the Aveiro University Library and tells about his design philosophy and the process of emergence in the creative act. Kaj Noschis’s essay is titled “Man looking at his Imprint” and it explores the idea of architecture as the mediator between the human being and the unknown around her. Drawing from the psychological and psychoanalytical theories and the idea of the primitive hut in the writings of Marc-Antoine Laugier, Quartremère de Quincy, John Ruskin and others, Noschis underlines the importance of our emotions and attitudes to accept the unknown in our existential framework.

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Maija Kärkkäinen, Marja-Riitta Norri


Alvaro Siza Vieira, Francesco Venezia, Kaj Noschis, Kristiina Nivari, Sergei Kravchenko, Simo Paavilainen

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Museum of Finnish Architecture




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