More payment options, Holvi web store closes 22.04.2020 – Posted in: News

Spring comes with small amendments. As those who have visited us already know, we accept card and mobile payments in our brick-and-mortar shop, but now we’ll be mobilising our online payment options as well. By the end of April, our web store will start using Bambora’s versatile and safe online payment services – in addition to the already existing Stripe and PayPal [Edit 29 Dec 2020: Unfortunately Bambora changed their pricing, so the service will be discontinued at the turn of 2020–21].

Already now, handy ApplePay and Google Pay options have been available via Stripe, depending on the customer’s interface. However, this April update means that from now on, our web store customers – especially those who reside in Finland – will have a plethora of modern payment options at their disposal: card payments, e-payments via Finnish banks, mobile paying, and flexible invoice alternatives.

By the same token, we’ll say goodbye to our small (and neglected) subsidiary web store at wonderful Holvi; they will, nevertheless, continue as our company bank. So to sum up, from spring 2020 onwards we will have only one virtual shop location with as many versatile, flexible, safe and handy payment options as possible. Please read our updated terms and conditions page, if you want to take a look under the bonnet/hood more closely.

PS. We decided to adopt our “Covid-19 contribution” permanently: all orders over 50€ to Finland include free shipping from now on. For orders to Europe, the free shipping limit is 100€.