Hopefully temporary Brexit disruption 30.12.2020 – Posted in: News

The UK is leaving the EU and the EU VAT regime on the 1st of January 2021. This has significant impact on international trade, our small online market place included. We have been studying the new UK VAT rules, but things are very messy, there seems to be a lot of bureaucracy and paperwork, and the instructions are still a tad unclear – to us at least. Not least, our web shop settings will need quite a lot of tweaking and code to handle the new UK import regulations.

Sadly enough, to avoid any extra hassle, we will block our UK based customers starting today for the time being. Besides, our shipper has called all parcel transportations to the UK a halt anyway. I am very sorry about the situation, but let’s hope that things will clear up soon. Keep calm and carry on following us, we’re working on it.

PS. The featured image is from the Isabella Plantation in Richmond Park. I miss London and I miss spring.