Traveller, make use of our shipping service 28.01.2023 – Posted in: News

Are you a bookworm? Love to visit local bookshops when travelling? Touring on an architectural excursion, but don’t like to carry around heavy book bags? Let our shipping service come to your rescue.

How does it work? Pay a visit to our bookstore, buy the books that you want, and let the delivery workers do the carrying. We’ll pack and ship your books from our shop to your location wherever you wish.*)**) Staying in a hotel in Helsinki? No problem! Flying from the US and heading to Japan, but staying in Helsinki for jet lag recovery? Don’t worry, we’ll take care of your literary souvenirs!

Our shipping service fees at the bookshop are the same as in our web shop, no extra charges (except for the local VAT used here in Finland). So, no more worrying about your luggage space or panic buying yet another suitcase. Welcome to our shop and let us be at your service. architecture bookshop Helsinki

*) Our general Terms and Conditions apply.
**) No service to Russia or Belarus for the time being.