Vilnius bookshop sign

Books build history 20th June 2017 – Posted in: Inspiration

The Nordic branch of art libraries network Arlis had their annual conference in Helsinki last week, and I was invited to give a speech at the event. What could be more rewarding an audience than a roomful of librarians to talk about old books and the meaning of libraries! The conference focused on library customers, and I was asked to tell about how I used libraries when I worked a few years ago on my…

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Kaupungin piirteet, Stadens prägel, Outlining A City

New book about Helsinki: Outlining a City 1st June 2017 – Posted in: Inspiration

The Pro Helsingfors Foundation has just published a fantastic new book about Helsinki: Kaupungin piirteet – Stadens prägel – Outlining a City. It is published by a small quality publisher AtlasArt and the editor is my distinguished colleague Juha Ilonen, architect, photographer, designer, educator, and author of several Helsinki books such as his intriguing urban study The Other Helsinki: The Reverse Face of Architecture in the City (2014). The hefty new book is outstanding both in…

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Helsinki Market Square

From Helsinki with love 12th May 2017 – Posted in: Inspiration

Mother Nature seems to have forgotten Finland altogether. The last few weeks have been exceptionally cold – so cold that our famous weatherman recently burst into laughter in the middle of his daily forecast. Well, that’s Finnish spring for you, dear friends. Welcome to Helsinki, the city of warm hats, scarves and mittens in May. Should you seriously consider a visit to Helsinki, or should you be one of those fascinating freaks who collect guidebooks,…

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"Balloons" by Shaun Fisher is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 2.0.

Vappu Special 17th April 2017 – Posted in: News

Vuoden paras kevätjuhla eli vappu on pian käsillä. Saimme käsiimme kolme vintage-Äpyä, hopi hopi kauppaan! Äpy 1989 eli Äpysillis on pakattu kätevään sillipurkkiin. Räpylä-Äpy 1991 on keräilyharvinaisuus: lehden mukana tulee hieno Räpylä Cityman 91. Upea Finnish Design Äpy 2007 mallia Ivana Helsinki on pakattu kauniiseen, pinkkiin kangaspussukkaan. Kaikki kolme ovat luonnollisesti alkuperäispakkauksissaan. For our international friends: Äpy is a Finnish humour magazine produced by the students (and ex-students and all sorts of affiliates) of the Helsinki University…

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Architect's pens

Pens, pens, architect’s pens 1st April 2017 – Posted in: News

Ask an architect about an architect’s pens and get lectured about precision and flow, thinness and blackness, price and durability. For someone who scribbles and dabbles notes and sketches for projects whenever in need, a pen is not just a pen, but a vehicle for thoughts and ideas. For those of you who are hard to please on the pen front, I am glad to give you four great alternatives that have just been updated…

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New York Central Park 2017

Inspiration from New York 21st February 2017 – Posted in: Inspiration

I just returned home from a few days trip to New York, and although I should hastily update our shop shelves with our new acquisitions, I thought to first share some books & architecture related inspiration. The purpose of my trip was to give a paper at the 105th annual conference of the College Art Association, which is the largest professional association for visual artists and art historians in the US. What an awesome event…

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January updates to our services 5th January 2017 – Posted in: News

The first days of the new year have brought an extreme weather to Helsinki. The cold record snapped -41.7°C in Lapland yesterday; here in the south it’s been around -20°C and windy. This January has also brought about an incentive to update our services. From the 15th of January 2017 onwards, we’ll apply new Terms & Conditions to our sales. Here’s a quick summary of the changes (In Finnish: below). Katso suomenkielinen yhteenveto muutoksista alempana.…

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Töölö Library staircase

Winter Wrap-Up 23rd December 2016 – Posted in: News

Oh boy, what a year! I never knew that being a bookmonger is so much fun. Our tiny niche shop has kicked off beautifully: it has been such a joy to find books for sale, to discuss with authors, publishers and customers, and to pack and send the orders all over the world. The tricky but interesting part of shopkeeping has been to learn about international customs regulations, e-commerce technology and such. If you have any…

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Focus Marc Aulén and The Helsinki Book 21st November 2016 – Posted in: Inspiration

The Helsinki Book is a brand new guidebook to the cool capital of Finland. Anni had a quick chat with the author, Marc Aulén, about the book and his relationship with Helsinki. Please also check out the Helsinki Book web pages for more information about this great new opus. Marc, I’ve understood that you were not born in Helsinki. What brought you here in the first place? — My father used to work for Ford…

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The wisdom of architecture 15th October 2016 – Posted in: Inspiration

In my work as an architecture critic and theory teacher, I have come across many ideas about architecture that have no relevance whatsoever in what I personally perceive and experience. On many occasions, such ideas seem to stem from addressing architecture from the perspective of philosophy, literature theory, social sciences, or from another similar extra-architectural discipline. The great architectural theory boom that we have witnessed to sweep over architecture since the 1980s has created some…

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